Profile - David Thomas

NDT / NDE Qualifications / Certifications

ASNT NDT Level 3 (No. 12933)
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Magnetic Testing (MT)
  • Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
PCN (ISO 9712) Level 3 (No. 103697)
  • Radiographic Testing (Welds)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (Welds)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (Wrought Products)
  • Magnetic Testing (General)
  • Penetrant Testing (General)
  • Visual Testing (General)

NDT / NDE Background

Before traveling overseas, I worked for nine years as Level 2 at Errington Laboratories (a service inspection company later bought by Bodycote/Exova) carrying out UT, RT, MT, PT and VT in the UK and Europe for customers in all industrial sectors, including power generation (fossil fuel, nuclear and gas turbine), piping, pressure vessels, engineering, construction and aerospace. My last year was as divisional manager, before leaving to work in Brasil.

I worked as Level 2 overseas for three years in Brasil (Petrobras approved Level D Ultrasonic Testing; jacket and module construction for off-shore), Brunei (Level II UT of off-shore structures where I was also responsible for writing, developing and implementing a procedure for underwater UT weld examination of TYK joints, including training of divers), and Bordeaux, France (UT, MT, RT, PT, VT of modules for off-shore).

On returning to the UK I started Applied Inspection Ltd with two colleagues. As CEO and senior NDT Level 3 I developed a multi-site operation initially with 3 staff rising to nearly 100. I designed and implementated complete business management systems at each of the company's branches including writing numerous UT, RT, MT, PT and VT procedures, techniques etc., for the company and its clients. We then sold the company to Acuren Inc./Rockwood Service Corp., USA.

I am currently working as a freelance NDT Level 3 from home. For a free quotation please go to the Contact page and send a message with details of your requirements.

Sample of Recently Completed NDT Level 3 Projects

Service inspection company (Canada):
  • Preparation of NDT procedures: MT, UT and VT for ASME Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping, and MT for general applications and AWS D1.1.
  • Preparation of Written Practice to SNT-TC-1A (2016) and ASME V Article 1 Mandatory Appendix III.
Service inspection company (République du Congo):
  • Review and Level 3 sign/stamp 2 off NDT procedures to Total EP specifications.
Manufacturing company (UK):
  • Preparation and PCN Level 3 approval of UT procedure to Def-Stan 02-729 Part 5 Issue 3 and LPI procedure to Def-Stan 02-729 Part 4 Issue 3.
Oil company (Algeria):
  • Renewal of MT/PT/VT/RT Level 2 certificates to company written practice/SNT-TC-1A.
High performance sealing company (UK):
  • Review, revise and Level 3 approve DPI procedure.
Service inspection company (Trinidad):
  • Level III review, amend, sign and stamp RT, MT, PT and VT procedures (ASME).
  • MT and PT Level 2 recertifications.
  • Level III review, amend, sign and stamp - QM / Written Practice.
  • Input into Company Profile - Key Personnel, Quality and Health and Safety.
  • Level III review, amend, sign and stamp UT Procedure (ASME).
  • Completion of radioactive permit application form and preparation of procedures for Workplace Monitoring, Controlled / Supervised Areas, Local Rules and Supervision, Transport of Sources by Road, Emergency Procedures, Transfer or Disposal of Isotopes.
  • Sketch and calculations for the facility and source store.
Service inspection company (UK):
  • Prepare and Level 3 approve RT, UT, MT, PT and VT procedures to BS EN ISO 15614-1 and BS EN ISO 9606-1 to 5.
  • Review and PCN Level 3 approve 3 off RT techniques to E/PROC/ENG/BI/113 and 1 off PT technique to E/PROC/ENG/BI/111.
  • Prepare and Level 3 approve RT and UT procedures and techniques to ASME V.
  • Prepare and Level 3 approve DPI and DPI procedures to ASME V.
  • Prepare and Level 3 approve RT and MT procedures to BS EN 12732, SGN/SP/W/8 and SGN/SP/NDT/2.
  • Prepare and Level 3 approve UT techniques to BS EN ISO 5817 CAT B, to NSSS 5th Edition, and to BS EN ISO 11666 Acceptance Level 2.
Service inspection company (UK):
  • Preparation and PCN Level 3 approval of UT Forging Procedure to DEF Stan-02-729 Part 5.
  • Preparation and Level 3 approval of three techniques/scan plans to DEF Stan-02-729 Part 5.

Sample of Past Completed NDT Level 3 Projects

Appointed ASNT NDT Level III as per ASME BPV Code requirements (Code stamps U, U2, S, A and UM)

Preparation and/or review of NDT procedures (RT, PT, MT, UT, VT), Written Practices to SNT-TC-1A, review of technicians' qualifications and certification for compliance to ASME BPV Code and SNT-TC-1A, assistance in preparation for review/audit by ASME, and attendance at audits. Working in conjunction with clients and ASME Authorised Inspectors (AI) from HSB, Lloyds Register, RSA and BV.

British Inspecting Engineers Limited, UK

On-site at Bryne, Norway and UK - independent NDT Level 3 evaluation of riser weld radiographs, including film digitisation and digital removal of non-relevant gas pores, for Woodside Energy Ltd of Perth, Australia. Assessment to ASME B31.3 High Pressure Chapter IX / ASME VIII Division 1.

SGS Qualitest at Ponticelli Freres, Bordeaux, France

On-site in Bordeaux - compilation of NDT and inspection procedures, UT, RT (x & gamma), MT, PT, VT, Dimensional and Weld Inspection, for Pickerill Field Development, North Sea.

Fluor Corporation - Multinational Engineering and Construction Firm headquartered in Irving, Texas

UK and on-site on Changxin Island, Shanghai, China - contracted as independent QA and NDT Level 3 consultant to investigate why transverse cracks had not been detected in welds during the fabrication phase of monopiles and transition pieces for large offshore wind farm project in UK.

Wartsila - Global Leader in Marine and Energy headquartered in Helsinki, Finland

On-site at Astano Shipyard, Ferrol, Spain - contracted as independent NDT Level 3 consultant to review and evaluate over 2000 radiographs of high pressure pipework welds in dispute between client and sub-contractor / Lloyds Register.

Britannia Operator Ltd for ConocoPhillips, Major Oil and Gas Organisation

On-site at foundry in Northern Italy - contracted to review and evaluate sub-contractors proposal for the Ultrasonic examination of valve bodies made from cast Duplex for the Britannia field, North Sea.

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